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A few weeks ago, TJ and I took a little stroll around the neighborhood to get a few images featuring our brand new Deep Space and Blue Bengal D Series frames. We stumbled down one particular alley that ended up having a ton of textures we used to our advantage. These are just some of the shots that we favored amongst the sea of images captured that day. The best part of this particular shoot, in our opinion, was that we weren’t expecting to get such a raw feel in our beachy backyard, making this set one of our favorites thus far.


To give you a better idea of how the frames fit, check out the video below. And if you’re interested in either of the frames, CLICK HERE and HERE to learn more.

Stay tuned for more content fresh off the editing room floor!

The 11th and final stop on the 2015 Men’s Samsung Galaxy Championship Tour was at the infamous break of Pipeline on O’ahu’s North Shore. The Billabong Pipe Masters in Loving Memory of Andy Irons started out with a couple lay days but that is normal with any stop on any tour as they waited for the days with the perfect conditions. I had my bets on Mick Fanning to win the whole thing having had a year full of ups and downs I thought not only did he deserve a win but would have earned that win. He won stop 2 at the Rip Curl Pro Bells in BeachBells Beach, Victoria, Australia, was attacked by a shark at stop 6 in the J-Bay Open in Jeffreys Bay, Eastern Cape, South Africa (where the contest was later cancelled), won stop 8 at the Hurley Pro at Trestlesn in Lower Trestles, California, U.S.A., and paddled out in Round 3 of the Billabong Pipe Masters after just receiving the news that one of his brothers had died. Fanning, one of 5 brothers, had already lost another sibling in a car accident so loosing yet another was devastating. Despite that, he won that third round knocking out Jamie O’Brien and went on to beat out Kelly Slater and John John Florence in Round 4 moving Florence and Slater to Round 5 and propelling Fanning to the Quarterfinals where he knocked out Slater. As the clock ticked down in the Semifinals I was certain of a bonafide Fanning win but Medina won in the final minutes. 

In the second heat of the Semifinals Adriano de Souza beat Mason Ho (Coco Ho’s brother) advancing to the Finals against Medina for another battle of the Brazilians, which is something we have seen all tour, and on Jeep’s Leaderboard. Along the tour de Souza won at stop 3 in the Drug Aware Margaret River Pro in Margaret River, Western Australia and Medina took the win at stop 9 at the Quiksilver Pro France in Landes, Aquitaine, France but it was de Souza that took home the 2015 World Title, after 10 years on tour, in addition to the Pipe Masters Championship. Medina won the ASP 2014 World Championship and he and De Souza are two of the three Brazilians in the top 5 surfers of the world. Brazilian flags flew as de Souza was lifted off his feet and cheered on upon returning to the beach after the final heat and his win as the first Brazilian Pipe Masters Champion. De Souza’s history making and back to back WSL Titles for the rising surfing nation of Brazil proves to be wins for not only the surfers themselves but for the country itself.

Adriano De Souza and Gabriel Medina during prizegiving.

Gabriel Medina (left) celebrates the 2015 WSL Title clinching by compatriot Adriano de Souza (right) at the Billabong Pipe Masters in Memory of Andy Irons. In addition to claiming the 2015 WSL Title, De Souza made history as the first Brazilian to win the Pipe Masters while Medina, the 2014 WSL Champion, made history as the first Brazilian Vans Triple Crown winner.

From the World Surfing League:

BANZAI PIPELINE, Oahu/Hawaii (Thursday, December 17, 2015) – After what can only be called the most dramatic day in pro surfing history, Brazilian Adriano de Souza (BRA) has clinched the 2015 World Surf League (WSL) Title at the world-renowned Banzai Pipeline in Oahu, Hawaii. In the process, he also became the first Brazilian to win the Billabong Pipe Masters in Memory of Andy Irons.

Surfing for ten years amongst the world’s elite and setting the stage for the rise of the ‘Brazilian Storm,’ De Souza’s Title clinching performance came with a significant wave of emotions, as he dedicated the victory to fallen compatriot Ricardo dos Santos who died earlier this year.

“It’s an incredible feeling and so special in dedication to my good friend Ricardo dos Santos,” de Souza said. “I have this tattoo in memory of him — he had the same tattoo that said ‘Strength, Balance and Love,’ and that’s all I needed to win this World Title. This is all in dedication to my brother as well, who bought me my first surfboard for seven dollars and now I’m on top of  the world. What a dream to be a Pipeline Champion Master like Jamie [O’Brien] and Kelly [Slater] and Bede Durbidge, just so many names going through my brain now. There’s no words to describe how I’m feeling right now.”

 The final day of the 2015 Samsung Galaxy WSL Championship Tour began with three contenders in the hunt for the world surfing crown – Mick Fanning (AUS), Gabriel Medina (BRA) and de Souza. Fanning’s Quarterfinal win over 11-time WSL Champion Kelly Slater (USA) ousted Medina from the race, but a late big air maneuver from Medina in their Semifinal eliminated the Australian from competition, crowning De Souza the new World Champion.

Taking down an explosive wildcard in Mason Ho (HAW) for a Semifinal win, de Souza claimed the coveted World Title after a loss earlier in the year at the Moche Rip Curl Pro had him doubting his chances heading into Pipeline.

“About midway through the year I thought Mick deserved the World Title more than me,” de Souza said. “He’s such a strong man and a three-time World Champ battling me for my first title was scary.  I just wanted to give my best wishes to Mick and his mom — I had such a mix of emotions, but the day of my life has arrived.”

Fanning came into Pipeline having won his first-ever Hawaiian event at the Vans World Cup of Surfing and looked to be the favorite to win the World Title. But  after being eliminated by Medina, his Title chances were left to Ho who couldn’t seal it for the three-time WSL Champion despite Fanning’s incredible win over Kelly Slater (USA).

“The energy’s been amazing walking down to the shore,” Fanning said. “I’m almost in tears every time I ‘ve paddled out and I’m just kind of going with the emotions. I had a friend tell me once that we can do anything and you just have to do it the best you can and stay true to yourself and things will happen.”

Claiming Runner-up status at the Billabong Pipe Masters for the second, consecutive year and the first Brazilian to earn a Vans Triple Crown of Surfing title, Gabriel Medina (BRA) achieved a phenomenal comeback after a tough start to 2015. Turning his season around at the Billabong Pro Tahiti with a Runner-Up finish, the defending WSL Champion stood proud hoisting his well-deserved trophy.

“I’m really stoked to be the first Brazilian to win a Triple Crown – it was actually my goal coming to Hawaii,” Medina said. “This year has been difficult for me when I lost the first four events and everyone said I wouldn’t have a shot at the World Title. I’m so thankful to come here and be a part of the World Title race. I’m so happy to make the Final, it was a tough heat against Mick and I got the score I needed in the last minute and I couldn’t ask for anything better. I’m so excited for Adriano to win his first World Title and Pipe Master – I know he’s been dreaming for ages and he did everything he could.”

It was Medina who ended C.J. Hobgood’s (USA) final run at a Pipe Master title, earning a Quarterfinal appearance in his last WSL Championship Tour competition. Winning a World Title in 2001, the 36-year-old Florida native spent 17 years on the dream tour – giving fans and fellow competitors so many fond memories to look back on.

“You’re only as good as the people you surround yourself with and I’ve spent the last 17 years of my life surrounding myself with, who I think, are not only the best surfers in the world, but the best humans,” Hobgood said. “I think this surfing platform is not just better than when I started, it’s 1,000 percent better so I’m happy to leave. The surfers are better, their characters and I just want to thank WSL for not only giving me this platform to speak right now but the stage out there to perform and do what I love. I’m fortunate enough that they work with us and continue to work closely with us, and hopefully it just keeps getting better and better because I’m going to be at home watching – so I’m going to be demanding the best. I just want to thank you guys, I’m stoked to get to work with Salty Crew now – thank you, love you…bye.”

De Souza’s 2015 Samsung Galaxy WSL CT Results:

Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast: 3rd

Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach: 2nd

Drug Aware Margaret River Pro: WINNER

Oi Rio Pro: 13th

Fiji Pro: 13th

J-Bay Open: 5th

Billabong Pro Tahiti: 13th

Hurley Pro at Trestles: 2nd

Quiksilver Pro France: 3rd

Moche Rip Curl Pro Portugal: 13th

Billabong Pipe Masters: WINNER

 De Souza joins Carissa Moore (HAW) as 2015 WSL Champion; Moore won her title at Maui earlier this month.

“December 2015 has been the biggest month ever in the history of professional surfing,” said Paul Speaker, CEO of the World Surf League.  “The Billabong Pipe Masters achieved the largest audience and greatest live viewership in the history of the sport, and we are so grateful to the athletes, fans and our partners for delivering a season to remember. Our congratulations go out to Adriano de Souza on an incredible Pipeline performance and first World Title, as well as maiden Pipe Masters title, and Gabriel Medina for claiming Brazil’s first Vans Triple Crown of Surfing title. We’d also like to extend our deepest condolences to the Fanning family and their tragic loss, and best wishes to Bede Durbidge and Owen Wright, their families, on their serious injuries toward a full recovery.”

The world’s best surfers will return in 2016 with the kick-off event at Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia in March.

For more information, log onto



1- Adriano De Souza (BRA) 14.07

2- Gabriel Medina (BRA) 8.50



SF 1: Gabriel Medina (BRA) 11.33 def. Mick Fanning (AUS) 10.86

SF 2: Adriano de Souza (BRA) 6.83 def. Mason Ho (HAW) 3.83



QF 1: Gabriel Medina (BRA) 11.67 def. C.J. Hobgood (USA) 4.67
QF 2: Mick Fanning (AUS) 9.50 def. Kelly Slater (USA) 6.17

QF 3: Mason Ho (HAW) 8.03 def. Adam Melling (AUS) 4.53
QF 4: Adriano de Souza (BRA) 5.50 def. Josh Kerr (AUS) 4.43



Heat 1: C.J. Hobgood (USA) 13.34 def. John John Florence (HAW) 9.76
Heat 2: Kelly Slater (USA) 17.07 def. Keanu Asing (HAW) 9.77
Heat 3: Adam Melling (AUS) 5.17 def. Joel Parkinson (AUS) 4.20

Heat 4: Josh Kerr (AUS) 13.83 def. Jeremy Flores (FRA) 7.73

About the World Surf League
The mission of the WSL is simple: to inspire positive change for surfing, our fans and the environment. Formerly the Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP), the WSL has been championing the world’s best surfing since 1976, running global products across the Samsung Galaxy men’s and women’s Championship Tours, Big Wave Tour, Qualifying Series, Junior and Longboard Championships, as well as the WSL Big Wave Awards. The League possesses a deep appreciation for the sport’s rich heritage while promoting progression, innovation and performance at the highest levels; it strives to put the world’s best surfers on the world’s best waves.

Showcasing the world’s best surfing on its digital platform at, the WSL has energized an already-passionate global fan base with millions around the world tuning in to see the likes of Kelly Slater, Filipe Toledo, Gabriel Medina, Makua Rothman, Grant “Twiggy” Baker, Greg Long, Stephanie Gilmore, John John Florence, Carissa Moore and others do battle in the most dynamic field of play in all of sports. For more information, please visit


Tj Kendama… I mean Tj Kolesnik just released a new EPIC video showing off Kendama’s new series of Kaizen Half Splits. Tj’s style is just so fluid that we are starting to think Kendama is his last name. We love having him as a part of our entourage as his energy is beyond contagious and he embodies all that Blenders Eyewear stands for. Let’s just say it’s hard to get any work done when he comes by the office. 😉 If you haven’t heard of Kendama head over to KendamaUSA to see what the madness is all about. To see it in action, their Youtube Channel is always firing off new videos of the pros, you may just want to get your hands on one.

Gareth Emery’s second stop on his Electric For Life Arena Tour was at the Los Angeles Shrine Expo Hall and in his own words “the lasers were not f*cking around” Saturday night.Untitled 6Untitled 3Emery was beyond appreciative of his LA fans, we drove up to witness the madness, and gave out 250 shades with custom pouches designed specifically for the tour.12292852_994525643919870_1951395919_nUntitledHe gushed on instagram saying: “A year ago nobody had even heard of #electricforlife and last night together WE DID THIS! Biggest show on the tour and one I will remember very fondly for the rest of my life. Can’t even imagine how we top last night but we’ve got a long time to think about it.”Untitled 4To top it off not only did we deck out the audience but also had 2 pairs of custom shades made for Emery and his whole crew. The shades will launch on the site today for you to get for yourself. Whether you make it to one of his shows or not these custom Electric For Life sunglasses are a must have for your Blenders Eyewear collection and is unlike anything we have ever done and would only do for Gareth as he has been a fan since day one. large-3




large-2largelarge-1We love his music he loves our shades it’s that simple and we couldn’t be more stoked on this collaboration with him. His stop in Sydney is your last chance to catch him on tour before his last show and sold out show in London. Grab shades and tickets while you can and shine like neon diamonds. It’s time to get Electric for Life! // 

For all things Gareth Emery and more info on the Electric For Life Tour head over his Instagram, Twitter, and website.

After an extended weekend on Groove Cruise, that took off from LA and made stops in Catalina and Mexico, our co-founder, Chase, finally made it back to the office on Tuesday where we were missing him dearly. Not long into the day, the aftermath hit, and he had to go home early… because well… it was just that good. The teaser photos are in and the rest of the Blenders Crew shed a tear wishing we too had been a a part of all the madness. Maybe next year, so until then, if you weren’t there here is a sneak peak of what went down, and if you were there, here are some photos to help you relive the magic.12182881_10153091166197026_5480665235625267238_o12184162_10153091166377026_6135193808372264586_o12182894_10153091168102026_6282460759604318292_o 12183839_10153091166297026_1962535156989678379_o 12184067_10153091167277026_6274670784992124567_o12191305_10153091167097026_474897055301246560_o12184142_10153091167952026_8772832622395640252_oWith after hour parties going into the wee hours of the morning, and DJs like Paul Okenfold and Dirty South killing their sets, all the while being on the beach or sailing the ocean, it’s safe to say this one was one for the books. Next stop, Groove Cruise Miami to Jamaica January 22-26 2016.

Photos by Veranmiky & Handonam Photography

Join the party Captain and visit:

WORLD SURFING LEAGUE (Landes, Aquitaine/France, Thursday, October 15, 2015) – Gabriel Medina (BRA), 21, reigning WSL Champion, and Tyler Wright (AUS), 21, have emerged victorious this afternoon, claiming the Quiksilver and Roxy Pro France respectively, in clean four-to-six foot (1.5 – 2 metre) waves at Culs Nus.

 Stop No. 9 on the 2015 Samsung Galaxy WSL Championship Tour, the Quiksilver and Roxy Pro France, delivered a week’s worth of the world’s best surfing, with the WSL elite and the classic Autumn conditions combining for a high-performance surfing extravaganza.

Medina, who claimed his maiden CT victory in France in 2011, was dominant throughout the 35-minute Final, blasting the clean righthanders with speed, power and progression to post a 17.50 out of a possible 20 and claim an emphatic win. The victory sees Medina move up two places to fifth on the Jeep Leaderboard.

“It feels so good, I’ve been trying so hard this year. I’m so stoked, my board felt really good and everything went my way,” Medina said. “I’m really glad to be back on the podium and especially for a win. I’m stoked to be back in France, which has always been good to me. I promised myself I would win an event this year for my grandfather who passed away a couple of months ago. ”

Gabriel Medina (BRA) Pro France 15

Gabriel Medina (BRA) Pro France 15

Durbidge, whose form throughout the 2015 Quiksilver Pro France was undeniable, found himself out of rhythm in the final heat of the event, finishing Runner-Up for the second time this season. Durbidge’s French performance moves him to 10th in the world heading into Portugal.

 “I had some really good heats, but the final was just one-sided, Gaby was on every good wave,” Durbidge said. “It was just one of those heats that you don’t want to have again. But I have to just look at the positives, it’s another podium finish and I’m right there for a win, I’ll try to bring it home next time. I love Portugal and have done well there in the past so I look forward to that.”

Despite an exciting opening heat this morning in which he posted massive scores, Julian Wilson (AUS), 26, was stopped in the Semifinals, lacking opportunities to perform. However, Wilson’s equal third in France provides another excellent result for the Queenslander this season, moving him to 4th on the WSL Jeep Rankings.

“It was a really good event, we had some nice conditions, France delivered again,” Wilson said. “I love coming here, it’s always throwing different conditions and you’re always changing boards for airs, barrels, turns. You get to do it all so I think it’s a super exciting part about surfing this event.”

In an all-Brazilian Semifinal matchup, Adriano De Souza (BRA), 28, seemed in control up until Medina posted his second perfect 10 point ride of the event to turn the table in the dying moments. With a third place under the belt in France, De Souza solidifies second position on the Jeep Leaderboard, well within striking distance of Fanning when the title race resumes in Portugal next week.

“Always a pleasure to surf against Gabriel (Medina) but frustrating to lose in challenging conditions,” De Souza said. “Semifinals is another good result though and I’m excited about the next stop in Portugal. I always feel comfortable there and hopefully we get good waves.”

 Tyler Wright (AUS), 21, dominated the Roxy Pro France Final, unleashing her powerful surfing in clean conditions to score two excellent rides including a beautiful forehand barrel and combinations of turns. Her impeccable wave selection left her opponent scouring the lineup for leftovers as Wright milked the longest, cleanest waves on offer at Culs Nus.

Wright claims back-to-back Roxy Pro France titles and moves up to 5th on the Jeep Leaderboard before the final stop in Hawaii. Today’s victory marks the Australian’s first CT win of 2015.

“I was just feeling it, I was looking at the waves before and I knew it was going to be good,” Wright stated. “It was kind of tricky, I was very selective. This whole season has been super interesting, and I just found out the difference between someone who cares and someone who doesn’t, and I care. I couldn’t have done any of this without Owen and Matt my shaper and the rest of my family, I’m pretty stoked!”

Tyler Wright (AUS) Pro France 15

Tyler Wright (AUS) Pro France 15

Tatiana Weston-Webb (HAW), 19, was unable to clinch the win during her first-ever Final appearance on the Samsung Galaxy WSL Women’s Championship Tour, placing Runner-Up to Wright. Weston-Webb, who secured the only perfect 10-point ride of the women’s event in the opening round, found an excellent wave on her backhand for an 8.30 but couldn’t back it up on time and placed second.

 This marks the young Hawaiian’s career-best result and will propel her to 8th place on the Jeep Rankings before tackling the final event of the Women’s CT in Maui next month.

“I’ve had a really good time in France and good luck here. Being a rookie and making the Final is such a big accomplishment and I’m so stoked to be here,” Weston-Webb said. “Congrats to Tyler because she’s been ripping as well. I’m definitely looking forward to Hawaii this season because I’m so comfortable there and it’s been four months that I’ve been away from home.”

Sage Erickson (USA), 24, couldn’t find the right waves in a shifting lineup in Semifinal No. 1 and placed equal third. Erickson had an exciting campaign in France up until the semis and previously dispatched World No.4 Lakey Peterson (USA) and reigning 6-time WSL Champion Stephanie Gilmore (AUS). The Californian nets her season-best result so far and will look to keep her momentum going into the final event in Maui newly ranked at No. 16.

“This is a match for my best result on the Championship Tour as a third, and even though this is by far my best result this year I’m very disappointed,” Erickson said. “That was a huge missed opportunity, the conditions were really funky, that’s known here in France with the tide it shifts and switches and you have to adapt to that. I was trying to paddle past the rip that’s going through the lineup and I couldn’t. ”

In the second Semifinal, new Jeep rankings leader Carissa Moore (HAW), 23, had a shocker performance, only able to find two average waves and minimal scores. Despite this Moore was one of the form surfers of the Roxy Pro France and will carry her excellent rhythm into Maui for the World Title showdown.

The next stop on the 2015 Samsung Galaxy WSL Championship Tour for the men will be the Moche Rip Curl Pro Portugal from October 20 – 31, 2015 while the women will culminate their season with the Target Maui Pro from November 21 – December 4, 2015.

Highlights from the Quiksilver and Roxy Pro France will be available at and via the WSL app.


1- Gabriel Medina (BRA) 17.50

2- Bede Durbidge (AUS) 9.44


1- Tyler Wright (AUS) 17.10

2- Tatiana Weston-Webb (HAW) 10.93


SF 1: Bede Durbidge (AUS) 11.73 def. Julian Wilson (AUS) 10.84

SF 2: Gabriel Medina (BRA) 15.67 def. Adriano De Souza (BRA) 12.50


SF 1: Tyler Wright (AUS) 6.87 def. Sage Erickson (USA) 4.43

SF 2: Tatiana Weston-Webb (HAW) 11.27 def. Carissa Moore (HAW) 3.83


QF 1: Julian Wilson (AUS) 17.00 def. Italo Ferreira (BRA) 9.00

QF 2: Bede Durbidge (AUS) 14.10 def. Mick Fanning (AUS) 12.57

QF 3: Adriano De Souza (BRA) 15.37 def. Owen Wright (AUS) 13.83

QF 4: Gabriel Medina (BRA) 14.43 def. John John Florence (HAW) 13.10

WSL Men’s Top 10 (after Quiksilver Pro France):

1. Mick Fanning (AUS) 49,900 pts

2. Adriano de Souza (BRA) 49,450 pts

3. Owen Wright (AUS) 43,600 pts

4. Julian Wilson (AUS) 41,450 pts

5. Gabriel Medina (BRA) 40,650 pts

6. Filipe Toledo (BRA) 40,200 pts

7. Kelly Slater (USA) 34,150 pts

8. Italo Ferreira (BRA) 34,100 pts

9. Jeremy Flores (FRA) 33,000 pts

10. Bede Durbidge (AUS) 31,200 pts

WSL Women’s Top 5 (after Roxy Pro France):

1. Carissa Moore (HAW) 59,500 pts

2. Courtney Conlogue (USA) 58,600 pts

3. Sally Fitzgibbons (AUS) 51,200 pts

4. Lakey Peterson (USA) 47,000 pts

5. Tyler Wright (AUS) 45,200 pts

About the World Surf League
The World Surf League (WSL) organizes the annual tour of professional surf competitions and broadcasts each event live at where you can experience the athleticism, drama and adventure of competitive surfing — anywhere and anytime it’s on. The WSL sanctions and operates the following tours: the Junior Tour, Longboard Tour, the Qualifying Series (QS), the Big Wave Tour and the crown jewel of the sport, the WSL Championship Tour (CT) which determines the sport’s undisputed world champions. The organization is headquartered in Santa Monica, California with Commercial Offices in New York. The offices are supported by regional centers in Africa, Asia, Australasia, Europe, Hawaii, North America and South America.

Blenders Eyewear is stoked to announce that we have partnered up with local band Gunner Gunner! I had the pleasure of going to high school with these guys, right around the corner from our headquarters, at La Jolla High School, and before they jetted off to Hollywood yesterday, I got a chance to ask some pressing questions. Of course they had fun with it and their answers are sure to make you laugh. The energy and drive these guys have is incredible to watch and they wreaked havoc in our office when they stopped by last week.
unnamed-8We caught up with them just in time as they will be on the road for their SoCal tour with The Heroine next week. If you haven’t seen a show already it is a must so catch them on tour!
10/22 Whiskey Richards, Santa Barbara
10/23 The Viper Room, Los Angeles
10/24 710 Beach Club, San Diego
Check out the full interview here:
Tell us something that we wouldn’t know just by looking at the band. 

Even though we have an awesome time on stage, and really like involving the crowd in that experience, we are actually working extremely hard off the stage to support our dreams. We all currently have full time jobs and some of us have families to support so its definitely not always just a party.

Name three things that the band cannot live without. 

The Coldcock Whiskey limo that we now own, Steven Pernetti aka “Steve-O” our entertainment manager and limo driver, and Little Caesar’s pretzel crust pizza.unnamedSecret talents?

Christian can turn any subject into a sexually related freestyle rap.unnamed-7What band would you like to swap lives with for a day?

Absolutely 100%…Steel Panther

Biggest inspiration? 

Its pretty cool because we are all individually inspired by a wide variety of different style of music and musicians. Kyle likes more of the hard rock and Social D style punk bands, Christian is more of a metal and punk guy, Brian really likes jazz and world music, he has a bunch of hip hop influence that goes into his drumming, and Josh like a lot of different styles but he mostly draws inspiration from bands like Van Halen, Alice in Chains, and STP.unnamed-3Favorite breakfast cereal?

Josh – Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Kyle – Raisin Brand Double Raisin

Christian – Americano triple shot

Brian – Top Ramen Cajun Shrimp flavor

Most embarrassing song on your Ipod?

Simple Plan – Perfect

Tupac or Biggie?


If you guys could meet anyone, who would it be?

Johnny Cash

If you could collaborate on a track with anyone who would it be?

Collaborating with Chris Cornell would be a dream come true

What got you interested in music? 

I think as people we are surrounded by music from the minute we are born. Its around us at all times in several different forms, whether that be sounds made by nature or musical compositions, its just in our nature to be drawn to music. I think all of us were really fortunate to have parents and families that encouraged us to embrace music and art. My parents (Josh) anced ballet professionally until I was 17, so music and art has always been a huge part of my life. Ultimately I think that music is the number one thing that brings us together as people and is the deepest expression of who we are as people.unnamed-6How would you explain your style of music? 

Filthy with a touch of sex.

Was there ever a turning point that made you realize that Gunner Gunner could be a full time gig someday?

Ever since our first gig, we have received really amazing feedback. When we were done performing our first show, we were told right after that the venue wanted us to open for the legend Lita Ford of The Runaways. Its crazy that people saw so much potential in us even back then.

What advice do you have for aspiring musicians like yourself?

Work hard, don’t get discouraged, and stay true to who you are, and what you want to communicate through your music. Everyone talks about separating yourself and diversifying, but honestly we’ve found that people respond to what’s genuine. If we were going out there playing songs we didn’t really believe in, the music wouldn’t mean anything. So always be confident in your music, maintain a mindset of “confident humility”. Remaining humble and embracing the grind is probably the most important thing of all. Dreams take hard, hard work, but if you want something bad enough, nothing can stop you from making your dreams a reality.unnamed-2What does Gunner Gunner have planned for 2016?

We are currently touring heavily and getting ready to record our second album, which will be released midway through 2016. We’ve been exploring a lot of amazing opportunities that have arisen for us recently so there are a lot of good things coming in the near future.

What importance do you place on networking?

The importance of networking can’t even be explained. Besides your initial product, it is the single most important factor of success. In any business, networking is crucial.

How did you get to where you are today?

Honestly, hard work, dedication, a common goal, and remembering to always stay humble. We’ve really made a big effort to make this project more than just ourselves, we want to start a movement and bring all of the amazing talent in the San Diego rock scene to light.unnamed-5What does social media mean to you how can it/ does it help/ hinder your success?

Social media is huge in this day and age. It makes connecting with people so much easier than ever before and helps get our music to so many different markets. Social media has definitely played a massive role in our growth as a band.

What is the hardest part about being in a band?

Touring is definitely difficult, especially on those of us who have families. Sleeping in a van while driving 20 plus hours through the night is quite an experience. It’s the most fun, and also the most difficult thing any of us have ever had to do. We embrace every second of it but it takes true love the music to make it through the long road.

What are some daily challenges you face?

Choosing between all the beautiful ladies that are left over after Kyle gets the initial pick as usual. (Blendz note: Kyle changed his name from mine in that question. True story. – Josh) 12166441_10206004230598470_556154232_nWere you ever afraid of the feedback you would get or did you ever think your band would not succeed? 

No, I think that we all set out initially to express ourselves in a genuine way with every song we write and every show we play. There are always going to be people who want to see you fail, but we just keep doing what we feel is right and move forward every day.

How would you summarize your success story?

Still going and never ending, just working hard each and every day to make our collective dream our reality.
Gunner Gunner Band was formed by vocalist Josh Blevins and rhythm guitarist Kyle Wright in October of 2013 in San Diego, CA. After adding monster lead guitarist Christian Borja, and drummer Brian Baker, an extremely rare and unique rock n’ roll sound came to life propelling this young, ambitious group into a music career of success.

Gunner Gunner has performed in numerous National act events with bands as notable as Lita Ford, Fuel, and Lynyrd Skynyrd. GG has played an incredible 70+ shows and events in well over 20 different major cities all over the Western region of the United States including the world famous SXSW Festival in Austin, TX. This determined group has obtained 7 sponsorships, secured consistent major radio station airplay, and has attracted a chain of die-hard believers and supporters across the globe. In March of 2014, Gunner Gunner released their debut EP, “Lock n’ Load”, to the world effectively captivating the attention of prominent figures all throughout the music industry. On October 31st, Halloween 2014, Gunner Gunner was proud to announce the release of their second studio album, titled “Our Time”, attracting continued positive attention. Gunner Gunner is an ambitious group of rock n’ roll rebels rising from San Diego soil satisfying the hunger for bona fide Rock n’ Roll.
Want more? Check out their Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and Website for all things Gunner Gunner!

In this video our boy TJ Kolesnik walks you through the Air Whip on a Kendama. A Kendama is an extremely addictive wooden skill toy (co-founder Blake can’t get enough of it in the office) that comes from Japan. It strengthens hand eye coordination, balance, and reflex. It can be played by young and old alike. There are endless trick possibilities for both the beginner and the seasoned master.

The Kendama is made up of the “Ken” (handle) and the “Tama” (ball), which is connected by a string.  The Kendama tricks are done by variations of juggling the ball in the 3 cups, spiking the ball with the Ken spike, and balancing both in new creative ways.  Mastering the Kendama takes practice, focus, patience, and creativity.

We love that the Kendama is a simple, productive, interactive toy that strengthens mental and physical skills while you play.  In today’s world of toys bombarded with flashy lights, computers, and mainstream entertainment, the Kendama stands out with its simple design and creative new ways to have fun.

Kendama History: 

The KendamaUSA staff was first introduced to Kendama in 2006 while touring in Japan.  Their good friends were always playing while they waited at train stations, bus stops, and while walking around the cities.  They got their first Kendama in Downtown Tokyo, and showed all of their friends when they got back home.  Their entire pro team even had the golden Mugens before they were discontinued.  Everybody’s curiosity and enthusiasm inspired them to start KendamaUSA and help introduce people from all over the world to this great skill toy.  People from all over the world have now been exposed to the Kendama, and they are proud to say that if you live outside Japan and have played, it is almost surely because of KendamaUSA.

Fun Fact # 1876:  The Air Whip was named after a weird sound TJ makes when he does this trick. Its the sound of a DJ Scratching.

For more from TJ check him out on Instagram.

To learn more about Kendama  and to watch more videos like this one check them out on Youtube, Instagram, and Website.

Kyle Jetter is a student at La Jolla High School, and though he may be young, he has talent beyond his years. The freelance photographer/videographer has already been featured in well-known magazines like Surfing and Stab. He has worked with professional and up-and-coming surfers like Peter King, Derek Dunfee, Jake Halstead, Skip Mccullough, and Jacob Szekely and photographed the likes of Julian Wilson and Gabriel Medina.IMG_8922Yet his photography style is all over the map, and spans more than just surfing and skating, as he is an equally excellent lifestyle photographer. Blenders Eyewear got the opportunity to chat with Jetter to get a better look into what makes this kid tick. Get the inside scoop, and what we can expect from him in 2016, right here:

Tell us something that we wouldn’t know by looking at you.

I spent the first 11 years of my growing up in a small town in North Western New Jersey. My family had 24 goats on our property.

Name the three things that you cannot live without.

Soul/Motown music, Pizza On Pearl, my cameras.

(Blendz note: We cannot live without POP either)IMG_8332

Secret talent?

I make a super mean breakfast.

What person would you like to swap lives with for a day?

Chris Burkard

What is your biggest inspiration?  

My biggest inspiration is the people I surround myself with, as well as all of the legends that lived before me. Everyday my friends will accomplish something amazing that inspires me to push myself further. My friends and family are all very unique and have such varied perspectives on getting the most out of life.  When I see them succeeding and enjoying life, it inspires me to do the same.19710392706_821d01763a_kWhen I find time to relax, I tend to study the accomplishments of many people I idolize: Martin Scorsese, Quentin Terantino, Christopher Nolan, Cory Richards, Aaron Huey, Todd Glaser, Chris Bryan, Chris Ray, Aaron Lieber, Taylor Steele, Ed Templeton, Chris Burkart, and the list goes on and on.  The time I spend studying is my favorite part of the day because I have so many ideas to draw from. I find myself constantly inspired by this long list of people. I also try not to get to ahead of myself, I take everything step by step and try to accomplish goals that inspiring local people in my area have done. John Maher, Peter King, Julian Clark, Todd Glaser, Peter Taras; all local legends that inspire me.IMG_0463Music is also a huge inspiration of mine. Everyday I wake up and rock out to songs from artists like Al Green, Marvin Gaye, Fleetwood Mac, Pink Floyd, CCR, Bob Marley, and much more. Overall, I am inspired by music and everyday visual art.  

Favorite breakfast cereal?

Chocolate Mini-Wheats

Most embarrassing song on your IPod?

I don’t think I have any embarrassing songs; I make sure my music library has the best of everything I like.

Tupac or Biggie?

Biggie, gotta rep that East Coast. His lyrics are insane.

If you could meet anyone, who would it be?

So many idols and legends I would love to meet, but it would come down to Larry David or Quentin Tarantino.

If you could photograph anyone, who would it be?

That’s a hard one. It would be a choice between Andy Irons (if he was still alive) surfing or Lance Mountain skating.IMG_7297What got you interested in photography?

I don’t remember the exact time that it drew me in; it was more of a gradual interest. Day by day, I got better and I would find myself enjoying it more, especially when others enjoyed my work so much. I would find myself taking photos of skating, surfing, scenery, people, the beach, lifestyles; just about anything that surrounding me in my daily life. After really seeing that the images I created told a story behind all of these good memories, I was hooked. So I became interested after coming to understand how my images could tell a unique story.21885702131_12adde9ce4_kHow would you explain your photography style?

I would say my style would relate with Fine Art Photojournalism, because the revolving concept of my photos deals with showing the daily lives of my friends, the town we live in, and myself. But while I use photojournalism to show these things, I also try to incorporate many photography skills to make the art more fine and appealing.

More often than not, I love to use black and white as my genre. I love black and white because I feel it expresses photographs in a deeper perspective, as you have to focus more on the subject than color.IMG_7603What was the turning point that made you realize that you could do this as a career someday?

I’ll never forget the day I sold my first photo print, or the day when I was first hired to travel and film surfing in South America.

What advice do you have for aspiring photographers looking to make it?

Find an artistic style that makes you happy. Be consistent with this style. Try to create new ideas everyday and also learn along the way. Make sure you network yourself well and work with the right people. Finally, don’t let failure bring you down because failure is what we learn from  and improve upon everyday.IMG_5528What do you have planned for 2016?

For 2016 I hope to be enrolled in the USC Cinematic Arts Program (if any Alums out there have a connect, hit me up!). Once I secure an acceptance from USC  I’d like to amp up my professional networking over the summer and land some freelance work and apprenticeships that will enhance my skill set. I really want 2016 to be the year that will start take me to the next level in the film or photo industry and start pushing my creative boundaries further.16234897396_47c0e94a69_kWhat importance do you place on networking?

Networking is key if you want to be successful. If you know how to network yourself the right way, then you can reach your art out to all the right people. I spend plenty of time thinking of who I want to contact, when I want these contacts, and what is the best way to contact. So if you can network properly, it will not be hard to get your work out there.

How did you get to where you are today?

I would have to thank a number of people that have helped me progress to who I am today. My mom, my dad, my sisters, Jake Halstead, Christian Zvetina, Skip Mccullough, Fano Rakigjija, Jacob Szekely, Collin Duguid, and much more. I wouldn’t be where I’m at today without the endless support from my friends and family. Everyone would always be willing to contribute and help me create new ideas that I would then turn into a reality. These ideas more times than not ended up being well liked when published, which brought me to meet more people and be apart of different jobs that have led to where I am today.

What does social media mean to you? How can it/ does it help/ hinder your success?

Social media is everything to me. In today’s world, It is the best and most efficient way to promote anything. Social media is fast, easy, and reliable. Social media has the same idea of networking, if you can do it correctly with the right people, you will do well.

For me my social media is everything because it is how I get promote my most recent videos, photos, and stories of my life.18068997796_c3f410a8e8_bWhat is the hardest part of being a self made business man?

Time management. I try to take as many jobs as I can get, but when it all adds up it is hard to find time for it all. You must do all of the advertising, marketing, editing, selling, creating, and thinking on your own.

Do you think that a college degree is beneficial to the take you to the next level in your career? Or do you think it is more about who you know?

I’m not exactly sure one this one.  I think the next level of your career depends a little on both concepts. I certainly think a degree would help you find a job and make you more marketable. At USC, for example, the alumni network is outstanding. For a kid from Jersey, I don’t have as many connections as I’d like to yet in the industry and graduating from USC would help in that regard. I think that in any endeavor you choose, ‘who you know’ is paramount.  

What are some daily challenges you face?

Time management and completing projects would definitely have to be a huge daily challenge for me. I have so many projects that I still need to work on, I’m always busy.

Another challenge would be trying to create something new and unique everyday. Making my ideas reality.

A constant challenge is also how could I promote myself better.IMG_4313Were you ever afraid of the feedback you would get or did you ever think your company would not succeed?

Of course I was afraid of the feedback and not succeeding. I would not say that I have completely “succeeded” yet anyway, but I am happy to be where I am today. At first I would always be skeptical on what others would think and how they would react to what I was trying to do. Sometimes I even like the criticism, when it is constructive. I like it because it helps me critique my work and see what areas I need to improve in. Obviously nobody is perfect, so it is nice to hear directly what should be done to improve the project.

How would you summarize your success story?

Moved here from New Jersey and got connected with the right group of friends. Once high school started, photography and filmmaking really caught my interest. I would film skateboarding and finger boarding to fill my time. After doing this for a while, I started to see my creative interests become clearer, so I targeted new things, such as landscape, lifestyle, and surfing.

Landscape motivated my artistic side of things, lifestyle motivated my creative/journalistic side of things; surfing, well it was just fun to travel and share fun memories with close friends.IMG_5174Surfing is what really took me off my feet. I started to do work with companies such as Billabong, Rusty, and Brixton. These companies would promote me to others on social media and so forth.

After being exposed online and locally time and time again, a good amount of people started to recognize my name and share my work to others.

All of this exposure leads me to where I am today. Constantly doing jobs, weather they are simple shoots for friends or commercial videos for big companies, its all-amazing fun.16140996656_18f1df773a_oI have a large growing social media following. I have sold plenty of photos and have many more in local shops. I am the editor in chief for our yearbook this year at La Jolla High Sschool and I help out with many other media related projects for the school. Everyday I am contacted to do some type of photography or film project. Now that I somewhat have a name for myself I am always busy with something.

However I would not summarize this as a success story, I am just getting started. It is only the start of something new in my life. I have plenty of goals I still have set for myself and I will continue to push myself everyday.

Can’t get enough? For all things Jetter check him out on Instagram, Flickr, Vimeo, and Youtube.

Tokyo 2020: September 28 2015 – Eighteen Additional Events in Five Sports Proposed to the IOC by the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Organizing Committee – The Tokyo 2020 Organizing Committee today announced that it has proposed 18 additional events from five sports to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) for inclusion at the Games of the XXXII Olympiad (Tokyo 2020). It has become the first ever organising committee to be given this unique opportunity to contribute to the design of the Olympic Programme, thanks to Olympic Agenda 2020.

The 18 proposed events are (sport alphabetical order):

Sports Events (Proposal) No of Events No of Athletes (total)
Baseball / Softball Baseball (M) 1 144 (6 teams x 24 athletes)
Softball (W) 1 90 (6 teams x 15 athletes)
Karate Kata (W / M) 2 20 (10 W / 10 M)
Kumite (3 weight classes – W / M) 6 60 (30 W / 30 M)
Skateboard Street (W / M) 2 40 (20 W / 20 M)
Park (W / M) 2 40 (20 W / 20 M)
Sports Climbing Bouldering, Lead and Speed Combined (W / M) 2 40 (20 W / 20 M)
Surfing Shortboard (W / M) 2 40 (20 W / 20 M)
Total 18 474

This package of events represents both traditional and emerging, youth-focused events, all of which are popular both in Japan and internationally. They will serve as a driving force to further promote the Olympic Movement and its values, with a focus on youth appeal, and will add value to the Games by engaging the Japanese population and new audiences worldwide, reflecting the Tokyo 2020 Games vision.

This possibility for the OCOGs to propose events in new sports to feature at the edition of their Games, is a completely new and fresh approach in the development of the Olympic programme. It builds on the ongoing focus of flexibility, innovation and youth, allowing Tokyo 2020 to reflect the sports culture of Tokyo and Japan, destinations that have always captured the imagination of the world’s youth.

The 18 proposed events were selected by the Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee and its Additional Event Programme Panel through an open process that was initiated in May 2015. Twenty-six IOC-recognised International Federations originally applied, and eight of these were shortlisted in June 2015.

The final decision, in line with the Olympic Charter, will be made by the IOC at the 129th IOC Session in Rio in August 2016.

“Each of the eight shortlisted international federations amply demonstrated their potential to add to the value of the Games and I would like to take this opportunity to extend my sincere thanks to each of them for their outstanding efforts. We firmly believe that by connecting with youth, bringing to life Olympic Agenda 2020 and the Tokyo 2020 vision, our proposal constitutes the best possible package that will add the most value to the Games.” said Fujio Mitarai, Chair of the Additional Event Programme Panel.

The 18 events will result in the addition of some 474 athletes to the sports programme for the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020. Tokyo 2020 believes the proposed additional events will inspire young athletes involved in these events around the world to strive to achieve their cherished dream of competing in the world’s greatest sporting spectacle.

World Surfing League- PRAIA DE SANTA BARBARA, Sao Miguel – Azores Islands (Friday, September 25, 2015) – Jack Freestone (AUS), 23, has won the SATA Azores Pro over compatriot Dion Atkinson (AUS), 29, in an exciting final disputed in clean four-to-five foot surf at Praia de Santa Barbara.

In the final, Atkinson got active first and belted an excellent 8.67 on a beautiful left with a couple of radical turns. Freestone wasted no time in answering but limited by his choice of wave, could only belt a 7.17 and spent most of the first half of the heat chasing another high score. With 15 minutes on the clock, Freestone found a gem of his own and performed two critical turns for an excellent 8.33 and the heat lead.

The remainder of the heat witnessed an anxious Atkinson paddle into no less than six waves but eventually all his efforts were invested in vain and Freestone claimed the prestigious Azorean title.

“I’m so happy, those last twelve minutes watching Dion getting all the waves, I was so anxious,” an emotional Freestone said. “I’m so psyched, I just can’t believe I won this event, I’ve finally won a QS10,000. It’s really satisfying to get up there on the rankings, it’s a huge weight off my shoulder, and a lot of work has gone into it. I had a really good time in the Azores, staying in the marina it was beautiful there and we always surf the funnest waves so yeah it’s been amazing.”

Atkinson struggled to launched his finals day campaign with a tough opening heat against Adam Melling (AUS) 30, but found his rhythm in the quarters, posting two consecutive massive wins and big scores on the way to the final. Unfortunately the former CT competitor couldn’t maintain his momentum and placed runner-up.

“Today has been so fun, it’s so good that feeling that you get your surfing in the right place and there’s been a lot of waves,” Atkinson said. “Unfortunately I didn’t win but it still feels like there’s a lot of positive to come out of it. Obviously my goal is to get straight back on tour, I had a very slow start of the year, but finally I feel like it’s all behind me and I want to keep doing good surfing. I watched Adam Melling win the Portuguese Waves Series a few years ago and it was fun to see, so fingers crossed I’ll put on a good show in Cascais and we’ll see what happens !”

In the first semifinal, Sebastian Zietz (HAW), 27, didn’t find the excellent righthanders he had scored on all morning and while Atkinson built momentum on the lefts, Zietz stuck to an option that didn’t pay off. Right on the bubble of requalification via the Samsung Galaxy Championship Tour, Zietz collects an important 6,500 ranking points to launch his QS campaign only a few weeks away from the Hawaiian home stretch of Haleiwa and Sunset.

“It was super fun to make a couple of heats,” Zietz said. “It’s good to get some momentum going and hopefully I can keep it up. Waves have been super rippable and some barrels today, looking at the sandbar there were some big opened barrels down there but I decided to surf where my opponent was and tried to outsurf him, but in the end I probably should have gone where the waves were best.”

In the following heat, Miguel Pupo (BRA), 23, was leading with two average scores for most of the heat, before Freestone launched into two successive airs to put Pupo in a combination situation on the 5 minute mark. Pupo, who had earlier found the second perfect 10 point ride of the event with a solid backhand barrel his in quarterfinal matchup against Kolohe Andino (USA), 21, couldn’t find the magic peak and placed equal third.

“I had planned to go surf the little right corner, but I knew Jack was going to sit further down the beach were we saw a couple of good waves before our heat so I didn’t want to give him a chance to be alone and score a perfect barrel,” Pupo said. “I had a good result in Trestles and I’m doing ok on the CT, but I decided to come here with my filmer and come freesurf a lot and do the event at the same time. I was staying with friends here and a super cool crew so we had a great time.”

With his win today, Freestone claims an early lead in the Portuguese Waves Series – Cascais Trophy rankings and will take his act to the upcoming Allianz Billabong Pro Cascais, starting next Mondayin mainland Portugal.

The SATA Azores Pro is scheduled from September 22-27, 2015 at PRAIA DE SANTA BARBARA, Sao Miguel – Azores Islands. For all results, photos, video highlights and press releases, log on to

The SATA AZORES Pro is organized by DAAZ Eventos with the support of the following event partners:  SATA Airlines, Governo Regional dos Acores, Turismo dos Açores, Câmara Municipal da Ribeira Grande, SUMOL, SEAT , MOCHE, amongst other.


1 – Jack Freestone (AUS) 15.50

2 – Dion Atkinson (AUS) 15.00


SF 1: Dion Atkinson (AUS) 15.67 def. Sebastian Zietz (HAW) 11.57

SF 2: Jack Freestone (AUS) 16.23 def. Miguel Pupo (BRA) 11.00


QF 1: Dion Atkinson (AUS) 15.77 def. Hizunome Bettero (BRA) 14.90

QF 2: Sebastian Zietz (HAW) 18.37 def. Pedro Henrique (PRT) 15.40

QF 3: Jack Freestone (AUS) 17.40 def. Bino Lopes (BRA) 17.23

QF 4: Miguel Pupo (BRA) 16.50 def. Kolohe Andino (USA) 9.50


Heat 1: Dion Atkinson (AUS) 7.33 def. Adam Melling (AUS) 2.33

Heat 2: Hizunome Bettero (BRA) 13.00 def. Brent Dorrington (AUS) 8.67

Heat 3: Pedro Henrique (PRT) 17.10 def. Alex Ribeiro (BRA) 3.17

Heat 4: Sebastian Zietz (HAW) 12.10 def. Wigolly Dantas (BRA) 9.93

Heat 5: Jack Freestone (AUS) 14.00 def. Carlos Munoz (CRI) 7.10

Heat 6: Bino Lopes (BRA) 11.93 def. Aritz Aranburu (ESP) 8.37

Heat 7: Kolohe Andino (USA) 13.33 def. Timothee Bisso (GLP) 3.90

Heat 8: Miguel Pupo (BRA) 11.77 def. Eric Geiselman (USA) 9.83

1.Marble Caves in Chile

Thousands of years of Lake General Carrera’s waters splashing up against the walls these caves have created the swirling texture. The azure lake reflects on the inside of the cave making its marble look appear blue. Just a 3o minute boat ride and you can glide through this cave for yourself.Marble_Caves_Patagonia_08-728x485Marble-Cave

2. Waitomo Glowworm Caves in New Zealand

These caves are home to a species of glowworms, the Arachnocampa luminosa, that are found only in New Zealand. You can take a boat ride through the cave filled with thousands of glowworms that are each only about the size of a mosquito. The guided tour runs all year long, 7 days a week, $48 for adults, and $21 for children.Glowworm-CaveWaitomo-Caves

3. Hang Son Doong Caves in Vietnam

This cave is the largest in the world and was just recently discovered in 2009. It is so massive that it even has its own jungle, river, and climate. It is over 650 feet high and almost 500 feet long and visitors have to repel in harnesses down over 250 feet to enter the cave. Yet the experience of exploring this wonder is worth it.caves-2_2948990kcaves-1_2948977k

4. Batu Caves in Malaysia

This cave is home to a Hindu temple and shrine and thousands of visitors and worshippers flock to it every year especially during Thaipusam an annual Hindu festival. These 400 million year old limestone caves are also home to macaques monkeys.Batu-Caves-Edit-Editmalaysia-cave

5. Fingals Cave in Scotland

This cave is located on the uninhibited island Staffa in Scotland and is known for its natural acoustics. A boat is needed to access the cave and tours are available where you can hear the eerie sounds the ocean makes crashing inside. The scenery with coastal and mountainous views makes the journey to the cave and the cave itself the spectacle that it is. 1405551786979Caves-Scotland-views

6. Giant Crystal Cave in Mexico

Inside these caves are some of the largest crystals in the world called selenite crystals, however, to see them for yourself,  you have to have certain protection otherwise you can only experience them for 10 minutes. The caves’ air temperature is extremely hot and unpleasant at 136 degrees and 99 percent humidity. Crystal-Cave-of-the-Giants

7. Benagil Sea Cave in Portugal

Off the Algarve Coast lies a pristine beach home to this sea cave that is always topping charts of places to visit. The crashing waves has created its structure and is now a playground for boaters, swimmers, and sun bathers

8. Reed Flute Cave in China

This cave is illuminated by multi-colored lights and gets its name from the reeds here that you can make into flutes. Inscriptions on the walls date back to 792 AD and though the lights are just for the experience it truly makes the interior of these caves surreal. The limestone walls, pillars, and rock formations are only made better with the colors of the rainbow.Reed_Flute_Cave_China_04psychedelic-reed-flute-cave-china-woe19. Melissani Cave in Greece

This cave is surrounded by forests on the island of Kefalonia in Greece with crystal clear waters perfect for swimming. The cave creates a cenote like pool and the sun shines down in illuminating the breathtaking views. Sights from below and above the caves are equally beautiful. melissani-viewmelissani_cave_c

10. Tham Lod Cave in Thailand

Kayak down the Nam Lang River which flows through this cave in northern Thailand and look up at all the stalactites and stalagmites (the drooping rock formations). Guided tours provide paraffin lanterns to light up the dark surroundings as you walk through the cave’s trails. Tham-Lod-Cave-ThailandTham-Lod-Cave-Thailand

Blenders Eyewear goes behind the scenes with model Carmella Rose and photographer Clint Padilla to give you a sneak peak of the highly anticipated C Series. Blenders Eyewear’s newest collection, set to drop early October, is just in time for the holiday season. The frame is made of a lightweight Polycarbonate Composite with single barrel stainless steel hinges. This timeless and retro style inspired by the 1950s has Blenders’ signature touches like the laser-engraved cursive logo in the top right corner and embedded metal stripes and triangle charms on each arm. The lens is FDA Approved Impact Resistant and available in either Polarized or Revo Mirror lenses with UV/ UVB Protection. In the meantime get your daily dose of all things Blenders @blenderseyewear and follow Carmella @melwitharosee and Clint @clinteastwood 

The Hurley Pro at Trestles came to a close today starting with the Quarterfinals where it was the battle of the Brazilians. In Heat 1 Felipe Toledo (BRA) beat Joel “Parko” Parkinson (AUS) and in Heat 2 Adriano de Souza (BRA) beat Wiggolly Dantas (BRA) securing Toledo and Souza in the Semi Finals and ensuring that for the first time a Brazilian will be in the Finals at Trestles. In an interview, after his heat in the Quarterfinals, de Souza was stoked that Brazil was making history but that hoped it would be him in the Finals. With smaller waves at Trestles the judging criteria was more difficult to fulfill as they were looking for commitment and degree of difficulty, innovation and progression, combination of major maneuvers, variety of maneuvers, and speed, power, and flow. Announcers felt that Mick Fanning (AUS) met all of those in Heat 3 of the Quarterfinals and the judges agreed giving him a 9.13 on his second wave giving him the highest score of the heat and the Quarterfinals. Fanning faced Adrian “Ace” Buchan (AUS) in the Quarterfinals and although Ace lost, he is going into Stop 9 in France confident, as he has won it before, and is comfortable with the wave.

Mick Fanning eliminated Ace Buchan in the quarterfinals and advanced into the semis.

Mick Fanning eliminated Ace Buchan in the quarterfinals and advanced into the semis.

In Heat 4 Gabriel Medina (BRA), the 2014 ASP World Tour Champion, duked it out with Nat Young (USA). Young started out with an interference cutting his second wave score in half which frustrated him but boosted Medina’s confidence. That boost in confidence though is what pushed him to win the heat and go against Fanning in the Semi Finals.

The Semi Finals was another battle of the Brazilians and Heat 1 was an air show between de Souza and Toledo with Souza coming out with the win. It was a close heat with de Souza putting up a 15.46 and Toledo putting up a 15.27 but that .19 difference scored de Souza the Finals. Fanning went head to head with Medina in the second heat and he was on fire. The announcers even said that the judging criteria should just say to surf like Fanning. He put up a 9.07 and 9.10 advancing him to the Finals against de Souza.

The Finals were a close call with a 1.0 difference but in the end it was Fanning’s 17.44 total score that made him the #1 Jeep leader pushing de Souza to #2.

Carissa Moore (HAW) and Mick Fanning (AUS) are the 2015 Swatch Women's Pro and 2015 Hurley Pro Champions.

Carissa Moore (HAW) and Mick Fanning (AUS) are the 2015 Swatch Women’s Pro and 2015 Hurley Pro Champions.

After his shark attack at J-Bay and loss in Tahiti we are stoked to see him as the winner of the Hurley Pro at Trestles and #1 in the world. Next stop is the 9th stop on the 2015 Men’s Samsung Galaxy Championship Tour in Landes, Aquitaine, France for the Quicksilver Pro France where John John Florence is the defending champion.

Back to school, back to school, to prove to dad that I’m not a fool. I got my lunch packed up, my boots tied tight, I hope I don’t get in a fight. Well it’s safe to say that Kelly Krussel is much nicer to look at than Billy Madison so check her out in the shades we love for this school year. For more follow Kelly @krussel09 and the amazing dude behind the camera, Caulin, @caulingrantWzbJTEUHh2biGLBqwAbOe_nOgw3-2GPTjXdzy8lvIjs,Nr_UBOp_XwUZGSei72yP9yHcbpsOAzzgOWGxTCuKqzk,cJUjcMQ8jqFGD9Yjk-ZneLgCL1gkWfFOyc3bbUNIj6oVBEF3ZpI3YlwP2QkU1TRD7x6HtxAYFOjth5OcU7yOzA,y0J2dgIzsf_d3PO6HN5qaKxH8-c8mYsJYyQfdY1HQY0,ANrzGR-VlRej4vqJNTe_bK40oO7Zsjqbl_5Zn_97Ml4,Hzzvg1Mbng1OOd3KeStXf4YEPNuq032mnl0R1Vtr_m4lc7Yh1OU6Q0Tf9PFUZRBrvFwhQ4l1e3BbO3lH4uf2ng,FEDsX3Lkrt9VLY0QExKmFpWXTJeZcofiebBNfdEpJPk,3idWEnrRRxUk-OWky4ozB45fT9f_0egq3DpBMEnHOQc,pzC3TFLMdqfVlMEa8rEvmrFJ30HPG3HNlv_-aJmzRO8 NnxUI5w8UzVxPeGmuV6se8wt618J3ZvP5rs13EL4Eeg,GKwUTmYEa3tCG6nMVy-eEgqmR81Bztd2tvTnn843RA8,4kYFRl2OYf-sSt78dLYD_NXWqMx23JkTaCugkeuZuJM,m0rMfPZ_F5Lh7zR2Rid-n7MwsAr7i3S4rHHQbQ8LYqk LE2dcQIdXy0-i4G-siLfAg7z6J1nnfyVVuHFm6-HqPU,66Nurp554D9sV3bQECLVK7SqBF2BjM_c7a2DWhurs5s,LhxF6ZNz38xr8v486T5S6kSKTz6oq7vSodEsCDNQ14w aZpI2XgUZVVolW7ITJ1BN3_M-Xl1McPiC9NziK38ULU,aPMqlTp-kP0Mj4FnY0K033hWKaO0FNfvNTnpcilF9fA,Au-t2HhE1muYa3eHl05y2z5iqA6-3koW7KbdYpAUGzQ,JiMIc418onEnUlDrT0-DCBJe0B02TTHIiz690l6rZMs -Soph5L8UL1noY0tcmqUvmZ07_1Cpq7buaYdYEeLYIU,UuoeS_uMt2aJnzsvCeRg99E0W0wvUkB5Eq6HhqCiLrE,18U357vanZBPik-wSY9evHs3PwYuLfDgdhx_EOiPDGg,p2myIqbchWCdD_pTxdkKfLKK7At1fxzfls0UU6Tp-PkWKHpW0_ZIC2ozkLhy43pUzN_CxivYVmFf1KA678X3JA,tQLFkgtpGTS_G7HmF3vgGJkzO48XyY1T-OdxyqBZ6iI,DUKjEEHmTd745FDZoZMnqr2tGkSzASR39w0cxhn1pP8,8YeUbZATNFXyPjExmO-gETtCsXg12gGVFXnQOQ1JJigPFBMWt9lqyRdN9YIir87cyTRt4Vdk4Q4XkIQaYrWcfI,VfUplch2uMSpMx-3nTsLAjQRl6cwqMkXeFNkBaJ4GO4,ryPRkGPR7jTMfXAN17NPcO-J7NZ8DVUi2_pyCTM0d0c

Chris Pratt and Calvin Harris are international celebrities so we decided to be band-wagoners and spread our international fame to Japan. These celebs are adorning the covers and we are gracing the pages of ‘Safari’ and ‘Joker’ magazine.

‘Safari’ men’s magazine targets readers in their 30s and 40s and ‘Joker’ is targeted at men in their late 20s. Published by Hinode Publishing Co., ‘Safari’ is said to have sold more than 100,000 copies as of 2013.

Sebastian (Seabass) Zietz came out of his Round 2 heat, at the Hurley Pro at Lower Trestles, stoked having beat Michel Bourez with a combined score of a 16.6 to Bourez’s 12.10. With Heat 12 well underway announcers got word that Zietz’s second wave would be deemed an interference, and the score would be dropped, putting Seabass at an 8.33 and eliminating him from the contest. Zietz and Bourez caught the same wave, at the end of their heat, with Zietz having priority. However, Bourez was already standing up and Zietz didn’t stand up until after the horn blew, signifying the end of the heat. Though Zietz’s score on this wave was an 8.27 and Bourez’s was a 4.93 because of technicalities, Rule 152.12 says, Zietz looses priority and the score. What we don’t think is fair is that Zietz’s third best score, combined with his first, would put him at a 15, still beating Bourez, but the judges disqualified him.98ad588cae3b3736f999980a72db4990The announcers said that this was the best performance they have seen from Seabass and that they still think he should have won the heat. Announcers and viewers alike were hoping to see him in the top 10. Seabass seemed to have the advantage the entire heat putting up 7 scores on the board to Bourez’s 4. In an interview Seabass remained positive, despite this unfortunate loss, and is looking forward to redeeming himself at Stop 9 in Landes, South West France. 54fcb90f62c18fd1d066adef597667ac

Saint Archer, a local San Diego craft brewing company, is set to close a deal Tenth and Blake, the craft and import division of MillerCoors, at the end of this month.  Saint Archer was founded in 2013 by Josh Landan with partners Paul Rodriguez and Mikey Taylor and shareholders such as Taylor Knox, Dusty Payne, Eric Koston, and Jack Freestone. It is said that Landon will walk out of the buy out with $10 million, P-Rod and Taylor will collect a few million, and the rest (most had 1% of the company each) should walk away with about $700k. Saint Archer had become a part of the San Diego culture but will be the first San Diego craft brewery to sell out to a major beer ambassadors include some of the greatest athletes from the surf and skate industry from Derek Dunfee to Atiba Jefferson. The company exuded and used the action sports industry to their advantage, even collaborating with Girl Skateboards, and it truly set them a part from the rest. Though a sweet deal with MillerCoors we are bummed on the corporate sell out. The company was more than a brewery as it had branded itself so well that their clothing line was comparable to other surf and skate brands and even sold in stores like Sun Diego. The San Diego Union Tribune called it “a ‘lifestyle brand’, as its marketing has incorporated images of surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding and other active sports.”saint-archer-girl-skateboards-hoppy-pilsner-02It seems though that Landon, and the rest of the crew, may still have a percentage of the company. In a statement from Landon he said: “We have always wanted to get great beer into more people’s hands. We were fortunate that brewers big and small were interested in partnering with us, but Tenth and Blake was the clear choice. Tenth and Blake shares our passion for putting great beer first. Joining Tenth and Blake allows us to keep doing what we love right here in San Diego, but now with more resources to innovate and grow. With Tenth and Blake’s help, we hope to one day be a national brand.”beer-so-good-it-s-been-canonizedWhat people love about craft beer is that it is local, and that is what we loved about Saint Archer, however, we don’t doubt that more craft breweries will follow. Lagunitas Brewing of Petaluma, CA is set to partner with Heineken in a 50-50 deal this month as well.